2019 Prom ~ A Red Carpet Affair

was held on Friday, March 29th

6:30pm – 11:00pm

Shahnasarian Hall, Pinellas Park


2020 Prom TICKET COST WILL BE posted in January 2020.

$ SENIORS and Graduate Alumni Members, (Class of 2017 and after)

$ PPEA MEMBER, (*10th-11th Grade)

$ NON-MEMBER /GUEST ** see fine print for details

TICKET DEADLINE to be announced


* Minimum age requirement is 10th Grade and 15 years old

*Space is limited and tickets are Non-refundable

The usual fine print:

  • Prom is a formal event.  Please dress appropriately.  Girls, your dress must "contain your abilities" all night long.  Gentlemen, you do not need to wear a tux, a coat & tie will do.  Your pants must be belted at your natural waist (that way you don't have to coordinate your underwear with your tie!)
  • Registration will close early because of the contract with the venue, PPEA will NOT be able to add anyone to the list after that time.  So, don't forget to sign up and pay (only tickets that are paid for will be counted)!
  • Each PPEA student member and Alumni may bring ONE non-member guest. Prom is for 10th-12th grade ages 15-19 current PPEA member students and Alumni of PPEA which fall under the specifications of recently graduated Class of 2017-2019.
  • Non-member guests must fall under these specifications. .  10th-12th (ages 15-19) and a current high school student.  Or, out of school, recent graduates from Class of 2016-2018
  • From 6:30-7:30 we will have a "peeking area" by the registration table for the parents who are not attending prom.
  • Once checked into registration you will only be able to leave prom to visit the restroom..  You will not be able to get something from your car,  or hang out with your friends outside (remember we're responsible for knowing where you are).
  • Just a gentle reminder, the fabric on your clothes likes to breathe. So, don't dance too close and suffocate your outfit!  We do ask that you be appropriate at prom.