PPEA Class of 2020 Graduates

Commencement day is one of the most joyous times of a high school season, and in these strange days when social distancing is the theme on the news and everywhere, you as graduates of 2020 will have a story that no one in  history has ever told. Although it has been difficult and we are saddened that we cannot share these moments together with you, that does not change the fact that we are proud of all of our seniors and all that you have accomplished to arrive at this moment.
We  urge you to apply your beliefs, convictions, skills, and credentials with compassion, honesty, and integrity, in service to our communities and in support of others. You are moving on to be the next group of leaders to set out into this world, and we expect you to be a light in a world filled with darkness.

Blake Bayes
Mariah Deaton
Madison Gauley
Jason Hall
John Owens
Erika Saleeme
Stephanie Thames
Hannah Bienkowski
Katherine Dempsey
Rebecca Glandon
Dorothy Mintz
Elizabeth Pettit
Adelyn Shelton
Kira Truong
Lily Zipprer
Michael Costello
Esther Engwall
Shiloh Graham
Nicolas Navage
Eden Riviera
Levi Stillman
Thomas Zach